How does Lystloc help you with Employee Management?

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How does Lystloc help you with Employee Management?

During my school days, most of the information used to be shared in files – Typed, printed, and stored in a room. At least, that’s how it was in my school. College was an up-gradation, with information being stored in a system though there still was papers stored in files. 

Can an Organization afford to waste time managing employees in a traditional model – Physical records management? Their productivity will be substantially affected as it will not only be time-consuming but also create confusions and errors. The importance of employee management cannot be understated. The need for an automated management system has never been more crucial.

What is EMS?

This necessity gave birth to the Employee Management System (EMS). EMS contains all the information of employee along with details like department, manager, employee ID, and other Organization records relevant for the employee. All information related to the employee is periodically updated depending on their performance or movements within the Organization. Security rights are given to the employee according to their designation to prevent any falsification or removal of data. The employees update the information with managerial authorization and approval.

It also contains attendance and leaves management records, compensation, off days, payroll reports, employee perks, incident reports, and appraisal records taking a huge chunk of manual work from the concerned department’s plate. 

So how does Lystloc help you with Employee Management?

Track on-field employees

Lystloc helps you to streamline the attendance and the working hours of your on-field employees saving hours of manual work. The executive doesn’t have to report to the office to mark attendance before leaving for a client meeting. Lystloc’s helps employers to track the whereabouts of the team as soon as they mark their attendance.

Knowledge of their activities

Every activity is recorded along with the time-stamp. The details such as a first meeting, demo request, closure, or payments are filled out in a form, thus eliminating the need for a separate activity during reporting. They can be validated every day by the managers or employer,  immediate feedback and which would reflect in the bonus and performance appraisals.

Critical Information

When it comes to a monthly review, their working duration, extra hours, meeting notes, appointment outcomes, etc. becomes vital. With Lystloc, it is easy to collect this information.

Why Lystloc?

Organizations will be able to save significant time and money that would have otherwise been spent on follow-up calls and sales reports. With a whole suite of features, Lystloc makes it a must-have application for Organizations that plan to upgrade themselves with respect to employee management.