Managing Medical Reps in a Medium sized company Raj Kumar had shaped “Midthrans Pharma & Herbal Care” from its humble beginnings to what it is today. Raj Kumar had been there and done it. He knew every business nuance. But he was caught in a predicament… Being a pharmaceutical representative is one of the tough […]

Salespeople are into one task every minute- selling. This is their job towards which they are devoted every moment, and anything beyond selling is considered a trifle. Salesforce never ends with selling, and it is an integrated job by itself. Inventory control, customer relationship, sales processing and customer analyzing- everything together completes sales processes. Hence, […]

Employee performance, productivity and time management are some of the key concerns of a business manager. Managers fail to understand the productivity loss because of their employees’ commute time to client locations. This could have been managed if they understood the Mail Man Problem. It always better to find the shortest and cost-efficient way to […]